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Mining related works from Airwell Pumps

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Airwell Pumps  works with various largest mining and industrial companies in Australia. With limited moving parts Airwell Pumps can function in harsh environments. Airwell Pumps are built in Australia to the highest standards. The standard range of pumps fabricated at Airwell Pumps is from 316L stainless steel.

Airwell Pumps provide solutions to pumping methodologies where in its applications include fresh water harvesting, MDFE and HDFE pipe welding, as well as site and foundation dewatering. Airwell Pumps are ideal for specialised applications with its highly efficient and fully equipped factory that is tailored with specific solutions.

The pumping methodologies used by Airwell Pumps provide effective solutions to various problems. Pumps from Airwell Pumps are capable to flow rates of about 2 liters per second. It can be easily adjusted with the flow rate that will automatically match the recharge flow of dewatering bore with no risk of damaging the pump by running dry.

Airwell Pumps systems can handle excess tonne of sand per day where there is enough velocity of water to keep the sand in suspension. The usual standard range of pumps is manufactured by Airwell Pumps are using 316L stainless steel and corrosive conditions we also have a range of pumps manufactured from SAF2205 Duplex. Airwell Pumps can make systems from other materials to suit customer application.

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