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Leachate recovery from Airwell Pumps

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Airwell Pumps  are extremely used in leachate recovery both in Australia and overseas for mine sites and landfill projects. The leachate recovery can also be used to detect and mend leaks in residue ponds, tailings dams and landfill sites. Airwell Pumps has professional experience in developing systems for both hazardous and non hazardous installations.

Airwell Pumps has designed its pumps with the ability to handle grits of sand used in dewatering applications in case of bores. Pumps fabricated by Airwell Pumps can not be damaged by iron oxide bacteria. Airwell Pumps use compressed air as its energy resource. The air is to the pumps through an airline over significant distances. By sizing the airline in its proper position helps a single compressor can provide the energy for just one pump or a complete bore field with hundreds of pumps.

Airwell Pumps are widely used by many of Australia’s largest companies in the recovery of LNAPL’s and DNAPL’s, using a range of methodologies such as total fluids pumps, vacuum extraction and sparge systems. Professional engineers from Airwell Pumps help in optimising the recovery by taking care of PLC control systems that gives accurate control and incorporates required processing and telemetry hardware.  This PLC control systems provide flexibility, exact result and expandability along with a remote monitoring facility and control integration into site SCADA systems.

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