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Agricultural pumps from Airwell Pumps

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Pumps manufactured by Airwell Pumps can handle the harsh and troublesome bores stumble upon many agricultural properties. Airwell Pumps have always kept a close link with the agricultural community. Airwell Pumps distributes agricultural water supplies since 2984.

Airwell System can provide pumps that could run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of weather conditions. An Airwell System is often selected to give excess flow rate with conventional wind powered pumps. There is no minimum flow rate. These pumps can harvest every litre the bore produces in low flow applications.

These pumps are air compressor located close to an existing electrical outlet, with compressed air piped to the bore. A large Airwell system can be one-third the capital cost of the alternative wind or solar system. The Airwell pump is particularly useful in bores where Iron Oxide Bacteria always cause problems.

Airwell Pumps provide a range of services with skills and experience enable all services and responsibility to be maintained in house, maintaining continuity in customer relationships. Airwell Pumps has expanded the uses and markets for direct air displacement pumping technology.

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