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Hand dryers from Airtowel Hygiene Systems

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Airtowel Hygiene Systems  is a well established company that provides a range of hand dryers and other related and non related products to the Australian market. Airtowel Hygiene Systems is a division of Brigden Enterprises Pty Ltd. Ever since its inception Airtowel Hygiene Systems has been providing quality components to its clients all over Australia.

Airtowel Hygiene Systems’ name is now synonymous with quality goods. Airtowel Hygiene Systems uses quality raw materials to manufacture its range of products this ensures that these products last for a number of years and provide hassle free services to the clients.

Providing reliable hand dryers and other electronics and products has been the hallmark of Airtowel Hygiene Systems. The VERFIY Lotion from Airtowel Hygiene Systems is a hand hygiene teaching aid that has been designed to train employees, staff and volunteers in a number of industries like the hospitality, food and health care industries, how to control the spread of germs and cross contamination by proper hand washing.

Some of the customers for VERIFY are the Queensland Health, nursing homes, major hospitals, kindergartens, hotels, motels, fast food outlets, TAFE colleges and universities. Airtowel Hygiene Systems also supplies a range of commercial washroom products as well.

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