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Steam humidifiers from Condair Australia

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Condair Australia  is a company which engages itself in offering humidification solutions and HVAC control products. The humidification products and methods offered by Condair Australia include steam humidifiers, adiabatic humidifier for in duct applications, compressed air nozzles systems, high pressure nozzles systems, atomiser for direct room humidification, comfort range home humidifiers / purifiers and HVAC control products.

Stream humidifiers from Condair Australia generate mineral free and hygienic stem and has an air duct or fan which disperses mineral steam into the air steam for direct room applications. Steam humidifiers are the most common humidifiers which are installed with HVAC system.

Adiabatic humidifiers from Condair Australia are ideal for applications which have low electricity energy consumption as the priority. Adiabatic humidifiers are offered with a spray water nozzle which generates fine water mist which rapidly evaporates in order to raise the relative humidity in the air to the desired level.

Condair Australia supplies HAVC control products from a leading supplier of control equipment called Kele. Condair Australia offers a wide range of control products and sensors from Kele for HVAC industry.

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