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Compressed air nozzle humidifiers from Condair Australia

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Condair Australia  is a specialist in offering humidification solutions. The humidification products and methods offered by Condair Australia include steam humidifiers, adiabatic humidifier for in duct applications, compressed air nozzles systems, high pressure nozzles systems, atomiser for direct room humidification, comfort range home humidifiers / purifiers and HVAC control products.

Condair Australia offers compressed air nozzle systems which are ideal for industrial areas, cold rooms, storage rooms and other working areas which require controlled relative humidity. Condair Australia also offers high pressure nozzle systems in which water is atomised by pulsating high pressure and is an extremely economical humidification system.

Condair Australia also offers atomisers for direct room humidification with a simple and effective principle. This principle generates ultra fine spray of water by rotation and then the water id vaporised by the heat existing in the room. Condair Australia offers comfort range home humidifiers for homes. Comfort range humidifiers uses evaporation method for its humidification process. Comfort range humidifiers from Condair Australia removes important allergy pathogens like house dust mites and pollen) from air and hence it acts as an air purifier as well as humidifier.

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