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Spiral door options suit all kinds of applications

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article image Reliability is improved by gentle acceleration and braking.

EFAFLEX, represented in Australia by Aircom , has released the SST high-speed spiral door. The design protects against the weather and offers good heat insulation, while clear laths allow light to enter and a locking device protects against burglary.

Reliability is improved by gentle acceleration and braking, provided by a motor that does not start at full power.

When the door laths are drawn up they are coiled above the doorway, separated by a spiral so they never touch, reducing wear to improve both speed and reliability and maintain the appearance of the door over a long period of time.

A low-lintel version pulls the door flat across the ceiling, making it suitable for environments such as car parks that have very limited space.

Power is transmitted through strap hinges with protected rollers on both sides. The laths of the door are individually screwed to the strap hinge, allowing free movement and preventing tension from being transmitted through the door panel. The laths are linked by rubber sections that click into place.

Both rubber sections and laths can be easily removed and replaced, easing maintenance and reducing downtime. In the event of a power failure a hand lever can activate the mechanical tension springs on both sides of the door, pulling the door open.

A safety edge on the doorway causes the door to immediately retract if it touches anything while descending. Alternatively the doorway can be filled with an infra-red light grid up to 2.5m high, triggering the door to retract if anything breaks one of the beams. The door comes factory preset with an opening speed of 1.5m/s and a closing speed of 0.75m/s, but faster and slower speeds are possible. The control panel features a membrane keyboard, an information and function display, and remote diagnosis.

For further information please contact Aircom Systems on 02 9773 1794.

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