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Safe, fast and secure pneumatic tube systems

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SUMETZBERGER, represented in Australia by Aircom Systems , manufactures a wide range pneumatic tube systems, suitable for many different applications, ranging from banks to supermarkets or from hospitals to industrial environments.

Pneumatic tubes are an efficient way of transporting a variety of payloads quickly, safely, securely and without wasting time running errands.

They can be fitted to checkouts to supply cashiers with change and coins, or take bills, cheques and credit card receipts away from the cashier to a secure area for storage, allowing cashiers to limit the amount of money in the till by sending excess money to the main cashier's station or safe. A consequence of this increased security is reduced insurance costs.

The most simple and inexpensive option is the unidirectional system, creating a direct connection between the cashier and the safe or main station. The tube can be accessed by the cashier from above, below or horizontally.

Carriers can be loaded even while another carrier is already moving through the system, with the new carrier sent off automatically once the path is clear. Unidirectional systems are available with PC monitoring to record and statistically evaluate system traffic.

Bidirectional systems can be used to bring change from the main station or change station to the cashiers as well as bring excess cash from the cashiers to the main station. The tubes reach cashiers from above, automatically distributing the empty carriers. These systems can also be connected to a PC to monitor and analyse traffic.

One or more three-phase blowers, made of self-adjusting teflon, provide the compressed air or vacuum needed to move the carriers.

The systems can be installed in industrial environments for transporting hot or liquid samples to the laboratory or small tools from a warehouse to the assembly shop. They can be used in pharmacies to bring drugs from a secure area in the basement to the dispensary, freeing up sales space on the ground floor.

They allow hospitals to transport medicines, laboratory samples, stored blood, X-rays and documents. One of the systems can create a direct link between blood banks, out-patient departments, nursing wards, reception and administration, saving time and space.

Laboratories and medicine storage depots can be centralised. Carrier speed can be selected to protect delicate samples, with low-speed transport selected manually or automatically by choosing a certain dispatch or receiving station.

The carriers are also slowed as they arrive at their destination and sent directly into the tube without a jolt, and can be adapted to suit their cargo with insert pockets or test tube holders. The system is silent and hermetically sealed, with carriers that can be sterilised manually or automatically. Access to items delivered can be restricted using codes.

User-friendly automatic stations can be set up with a dispatch magazine, name index and a plaintext display with an easy to read, illuminated display. The display shows the destination name and number and can be used to search an address list or show system status. A signal announces the arrival of a carrier and once its load is removed the empty carrier is automatically returned.

Pneumatic tube systems do not need to be installed during construction. Depending on structural conditions the system can be installed inside or outside the walls.

For further information please contact Aircom Systems on 02 9773 1794.

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