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Roll-up doors prevent draughts but allow traffic

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article image A safety strip on the door blade immediately halts its descent if it touches any object.

Efaflex, represented in Australia by Aircom , produce the SRT series of high-speed roll-up doors, made of flexible materials and available in a range of colours and in fully transparent versions.

The low-cost doors are intended for interior use, eliminating draughts, keeping different areas at constant temperatures and insulating against noise. They have a modular design that is almost maintenance-free. Where damage does occur repairs can be accomplished cheaply and quickly, keeping downtime and operating costs to a minimum.

They open vertically at speeds of up to 2m/s, depending on the drive system chosen. They can also close at speeds of up to 1m/s and a safety strip on the door blade immediately halts its descent if it touches any object. A microprocessor control unit and frequency converter can be added for particularly busy doorways, easing the stress on motor and door by rapidly accelerating the motor from a gentle start. This system allows doors to reliably perform hundreds of thousands of operations a year. Infrequently used doors can be fitted with a more cost-effective direct drive system.

Mechanical tension springs counterbalance the door’s weight, allowing it to be opened with a hand lever in the event of a power failure. An optional wind load system keeps the door under constant tension, allowing it to stop draughts and open and close properly despite strong winds, low pressure and extremes of hot and cold. Synthetic cords and springs on both sides of the door frame keep the door at a tension of 500N (800N for a 4m x 4m door).

The doors can also be fitted with an accident system that prevents damage in the event of crash. The system allows the door to be derailed on both sides without damage. Sensors in the doorway immediately halt the door, which can then be moved back into alignment with a hand lever. The door can be operating again a few minutes after the accident.

SRT doors are available in standard building sizes up to 6m wide and 6m high.

For further information please contact Aircom Systems on 02 9773 1794.

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