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Roll-up door for the food industry

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article image The door frame is made of stainless steel and is shaped to allow fluids to drain out freely.

Efaflex, represented in Australia by Aircom , produces the SRT Easy Clean (EC) roll-up door for internal locations in food processing applications.

The door is designed to meet the hygiene requirements of the food industry, where doors must be cleaned on a daily basis, often with highly aggressive cleaning chemicals. A simple mechanism opens the door frame cover to allow cleaning, with a spacing bracket providing enough space for proper cleaning. The door frame is made of stainless steel and is shaped to allow fluids to drain out freely, preventing moisture and cleaning fluids from gathering.

Moisture falling in an open doorway can not only cause accidents, it can also fall on passing foodstuffs. This is prevented by a design that allows the condensation to flow down the sides of the doorway. The winding shaft that controls the door is covered in cladding that slopes to allow cleaning fluids and condensation to run off outside the doorway, again protecting staff from slips and produce from contamination. The cladding can easily be lifted to allow the exposed shaft to be properly cleaned.

The door opens vertically, winding into a roll above the doorway. This space saving design allows it to be installed in tight locations. Gentle acceleration and soft braking lengthen the working life of the door and reduce maintenance requirements. The door is constructed of stainless steel and its electrical components are protected by an IP65 housing, allowing thorough cleaning without risk of damage.

A safety contact strip on the bottom of the door halts its descent if it touches anything on the way down. The weight of the door is counterbalanced, allowing an emergency cord to open the door, even in the middle of a power failure. A coating protects the counterweight from corrosion.

For further information please contact Aircom Systems on 02 9773 1794.

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