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Low-cost roll-up door

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article image Provides reliable operation as well as a good seal, preventing air exchanges caused by pressure and temperature differences.

Efaflex, represented in Australia by Aircom , produces the SRT-EL roll-up door, a low-cost model suited to self-installation.

The door opens vertically in a space-saving design that winds it into a roll above the doorway. It has very narrow side columns and installation does not require any special on-site preparations, with preassembled units making self-installation particularly easy. The door panel is made of transparent material with warning stripes. Coloured curtains of various qualities are also available to suit the demands of industries like food processing.

A 400V, microprocessor-controlled direct drive and a high-frequency motor power the door, which can open at 1.5m/s. This allows efficient material flow through the door, which can be connected to sensors for automatic operation, whether to allow pedestrians and forklifts access or for installation on a conveyor system.

The door guides are available in galvanised and stainless steel versions. They provide reliable operation as well as a good seal, preventing air exchanges caused by pressure and temperature differences. This reduces energy costs as well as insulating against noise. Counterweights fitted into both side columns allow the door to be opened even in the middle of a power failure. The user simply pulls an emergency cord that hangs beside the door to release the brake on the weights and open the door. This allows an immediate exit in an emergency.

A safety strip fitted to the door blade immediately stops the door’s descent if it touches anything on its way down, drawing the door back into the open position. The door can also be fitted with a crash protection option which allows it to be derailed on both sides in the event of impact, for example with a forklift. The door can then be reset and operating again minutes after the accident.

The low investment cost of the SRT-EL, combined with the option of self-installation, reliable operation, resistance to impact damage and the energy savings provided by its insulating effects make it a very economical choice.

For further information please contact Aircom Systems on 02 9773 1794.

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