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High-speed rollup door

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article image Stainless steel construction.

AIRCOM Systems has released the SRT-CR rollup door. It is designed for clean rooms and air locks. It is made of stainless steel and can separate rooms with a pressure gradient. It has an air leakage rate of less than 100m³/h at 150Pa.

The impermeability of a door is as important as the ease of cleaning and the absence of sharp edges and cornices (transients) that would allow the settlement of particles. The power train and control unit are integrated into the smoothly finished surround of the door.

The emergency unlock lever has been replaced by a lowered push button switch. The door can open without power. The motor break is electrically unlatched by a UPS.

It is intended for use in demanding applications such as pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, electronic, military/space or research labs:

On account of its specially shaped construction and high air density the SRT-CR is best suited to fit into clean rooms of class 8 (DIN EN ISO 14644 / class 100.000 of US FED Std 209) to shelter against a clean room of class 7 (10.000 according to FED Std 209).

The embedded microcontroller-based control unit in conjunction with the frequency converter guarantees low maintenance operation over a long lifetime at an opening speed of 1m/s and a closing speed is 0.5m/s.

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