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High-speed door survives collisions

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article image Active Crash System (ACS) option allow sup to 900mm of the bottom panel of the door to be safely knocked out of alignment.

EFAFLEX, represented in Australia by Aircom , has released the STR high-speed roll up door, capable of opening at speeds of over 3.6m/s.

The Active Crash System (ACS) option avoids damage when a vehicle clips the bottom of the door. Up to 900mm of the bottom panel of the door can be safely knocked out of alignment. Integrated sensors automatically lift the door in response to the collision, running it through return guides fitted to both sides and straightening the door in a few seconds.

As the door opens it is drawn up into a spiral, reducing the space needed to hold it and keeping each lath separate, avoiding damage to the surface and providing virtually wear-free travel. Even the clear sections of the door remain transparent for years. The door is supported along its sides by aluminium profiles with a spacing of 225mm, providing a climatic seal that can resist winds of over 120km/h.

The door is made of individual components that can be quickly replaced if damaged. It is available in blue, red, yellow and grey and can be fitted with a 900mm-high transparent section.

The control cabinet has microprocessor control, bus technology and a frequency converter. The motor has a standard opening speed of 1.6m/s but it can be increased to as much as 3.6m/s. Access protection exceeds European standards.

The door can be fitted with a TLG light curtain for added safety, filling the doorway with infrared beams. Any object in the doorway prevents the door from lowering and any object that enters while door is lowering causes it to immediately rise. If fitted, the light curtain is integrated into the sides of the doorway, protecting it against the weather and collisions.

The door is available in standard construction sizes up to 7m high and 6m wide.

For further information please contact Aircom Systems on 02 9773 1794.

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