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Folding aluminium doors offer speed and security

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article image Clear acrylic glass slats allow sunlight to enter the building and also provide good heat retention and sound proofing.

EFAFLEX, represented in Australia by Aircom , has released the AS aluminium folding door, suitable for exterior use and capable of reliably performing more than 150,000 door cycles a year.

Robust and reliable pneumatic drive systems provide over a million operations without problems. If no pressurised air is available, electric drive units with central high-frequency motors can be installed, performing the task just as efficiently and allowing speeds to be programmed with a frequency converter.

Doors up to 8m wide and 6m high can operate at up to 2m/s and can be equipped with a remote-controlled locking device, operated at the control panel or by an external key switch. They can also be unlocked and opened by hand with an interior hand lever. The doors open horizontally and their wings can be controlled independently, allowing a doorway to be half opened for pedestrians.

The combination of speed and security makes the doors suitable for use in the entrances of fire stations and factories, and suitable for use as high-speed emergency doors. Clear acrylic glass slats allow sunlight to enter the building and also provide good heat retention and sound proofing, particularly when double-isolating glass panels are chosen. Surface finish, the division of the leaves, rail arrangement, colour, bracing and insulation can all be adapted to meet individual design requirements.

All parts of the door panel are individually screwed together, allowing repairs to be easily carried out on a single section with reduced downtime. Big doors are equipped with floor stoppers to support the closed middle section wings, removing the need for floor guides.

Cardan joint technology offers several advantages for large doors, with a master carrier instead of normal bearings holding most of the weight of the door. The interior and exterior wing parts are hinged with these Cardan joints to avoid possible tension. The load of the master carrier remains constant, offering smooth running and trouble-free operation.

Should the edges of either door wing touch anything while closing, electric contact strips immediately trigger a signal to open the door. Additional safety options include light barriers, radars or induction loops.

For further information please contact Aircom Systems on 02 9773 1794.

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