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THE SRT-C(lean)R(oom) door from Aircom Systems is suitable for use in clean room areas and air locks having a compact, self-contained seamless construction in stainless steel (V2A).

The door has been designed to meet the standards for clean rooms and is suitable for separating rooms with a pressure gradient.

In contrast to conventional doors the appliance’s curtain has a narrow and dense side guidance said to result in very low air leakage of less than 100m³/h at 150Pa delta air pressure.

The door is said to be impermeable and easy to clean. It has no sharp edges or cornices that would allow particles to settle.

Power train and control unit are integrated into the smoothly finished surround of the door. The commonly used emergency unlock lever has been replaced by a lowered push button switch which allows the opening of the door at power down; the motor break will be electrically unlatched by a UPS.

The door offers an opening speed of 1.0m/sec and closing speed of 0.5m/sec.

The embedded microcontroller-based control unit and frequency converter are said to minimise maintenance.

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