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Set-and-forget suspension systems for tough vehicle applications

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Advances in safety-enhancing supplementary suspension systems are helping owners of fleet and contractor vehicles overcome the challenges posed by widely varying workloads.

To deal with heavy and uneven loads, varying work sites and roads, and towing requirements, vehicles are fitted with air suspensions, air helper suspensions and fit-and-forget microcellular polyurethane helper kits.

Trades, fleet, delivery farm vehicles are being called on to carry ever more varied loads at exactly the same time as employers are insisting on ever more rigorous safety standards.

In addition to bolstering a vehicle’s ability to cope with heavy, varying and unevenly distributed loads (including tanks, tools, generators, compressors and trailers) easily adjustable air and air helper suspensions help prevent sagging, twisting, and premature wear of the suspension and chassis.

Air-levelled vehicles are able to achieve steering and braking benefits, since the added balance allows them to negotiate corners flat. Braking does not cause dangerous diving, and towing loads do not cause sag and drag in the tail.

Some owners opt for in-cab controls so drivers can quickly and safely adjust for load and road conditions without having to get out of their seat. Other owners prefer full pure air systems for increased benefits in ride, safety and performance.

The latest additions to the Load-Up helper spring kits cater to a market which requires “fit and forget” supplementary suspension to widely varying load and safety issues – without requiring daily or monthly suspension adjustments.

The new Load-Up helper spring kits require no inflation or ongoing pressure checks by drivers.

Rather than the tough inflatable Firestone airbags employed in other Airbag Man products,  Load-Up kits use a non-inflated microcellular polyurethane material specifically developed for automotive use with outstanding durability, sustainability and shock-minimisation capabilities.

The set-and-forget nature of the kits are well-suited to extremely remote situations, or applications with limited staff, workshop or driver time available to cope with anything beyond their immediate tasks in hand.

Kits are adjustable for varied spring geometry and stiffness combinations and for individual loading requirements using spacers provided. The kits reduce spring deflection over a wide range of loads.

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