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Multi Axle Conversions teams with Airbag Man to break sub-4.5 ton load barrier

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A Brisbane-based vehicle conversion specialist is employing an ingenious air suspension to overcome load capacity problems, faced by both fleet operators of big trucks and individual operators of smaller work and recreational vehicles, including 4wds.
Multi Axle Conversions of Brendale has teamed with air spring and air suspension innovators, Airbag Man, to produce suspensions that enable sub-4.5 tonne vehicles to handle up to double their normal payload, yet be outstandingly tractable and safe on the roughest mine, construction and farm sites.
The ruggedly re-engineered 4wd and specialist vehicles fitted with twin rear axles can be driven by people with a standard licence that permits them to operate vehicles of up to 4.5 tons. This means fleet operators do not have to send out an expensive big truck to carry a light load of a ton or two, while individual operators can carry and tow far more than their standard class of vehicle would normally permit.
Multi Axle Conversions worked closely with Airbag Man air suspension specialists in designing a new suspension that would not only handle the heavy loads with full twin axle load sharing when needed, but also convert automatically to economical operation using a single rear axle when unloaded.
The design has been so successful that it is now used by a 4wd hire specialist that hires exclusively to one of Australia’s toughest markets, the mining industry. The hire specialist uses the twin-axle load sharing suspension on its own Landcruisers that carry mechanics out to service its hire vehicles.
Multi Axle Conversions developed a suspension with interlinked Firestone airbags from Airbag Man, air tank reservoirs and valving that automatically senses how much load should be placed on each rear axle and when.  
When the load goes on, the lazy axle suspension of vehicles automatically pumps up progressively to maintain vehicle DELETE PRESSURE DETAILS height, ride and flat cornering stability while offering up to double to original load carrying capacity. The increase in pressure and load transfer cuts in smoothly at about half load, and is fully load sharing with a full load.
The distribution of air support to load points where it is needed, keeps the vehicle at a level, regular load height at all times, avoiding stresses caused by twisting the chassis. The vehicle sub-frames are extensively re-engineered to cope with the increased load, and rigorously tested before being subjected for State certification of their engineering integrity.
While the vehicle’s carrying capacity is dramatically increased, the  vehicle and operator take advantage of all the benefits that the range of Airbag Man bolt-on air suspension kits offer throughout the load range which include safety, stability, comfort and full adjustability.
Customers for Multi Axle Conversions typically include building and plumbing tradesman, farmers, miners and recreational users with slide-on campers and boats and trailers to tow.

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