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Dryers, drain valves and air compressors from Air Vac Supplies

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Air Vac Supplies  offers Knight compressed air products which includes single tower air compressors. This product has been designed to offer dry compressed air which protects pneumatic processes and equipment from the harmful effects of compressed air moisture. The models of single tower air compressors have been designed complying with the Australian standards. These products are also easy to install as it requires no outside power source and can be installed indoor or out.

The Knight single tower compressed air dryers from Air Vac Supplies can be used in a wide range of applications in spray booths, powder coating, point of usage for individual machines, pneumatic systems, plasma cutting, sand blasting and other off-site remote work applications.

Air Vac Supplies offers Knight ITW Vortec that includes transvectors, blowers, jets, vortex tubes and enclosure coolers. The Knight van-air products supplied by Air Vac Supplies include desiccants, dryers, air purification and so on. Knight filtration and ancillaries offered by Air Vac Supplies includes drain valves, filters and regulators. Air Vac Supplies also offers Knight vacuum cleaners that include wet and dry vacuum pumps, dual force, and so on.

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