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AIR Springs Supply ’s spring actuators and isolators feature a reduced number of moving parts, leading to less wear and more reliability.

These air springs, “Airstrokes” and “Airmounts”, are particularly appropriate in situations requiring rapid cycling, high reliability and minimal susceptibility to wear in grimy industrial situations.

Working with the world's biggest producer of air springs, Firestone, Air Springs Supply is developing new uses for the flexible-wall, bellows-type Airstroke and Airmount air cylinders. These air springs are tough, fabric reinforced rubber balloons of different shapes to perform different tasks. They can be small enough to fit in the palm of a hand, or more than a metre across and capable of producing 40,000kg of force.

An advantage of the Airstrokes and Airmounts is that they don't use the guides and seals found in traditional pneumatic cylinders. This gives many benefits in rigorous production environments, ranging from metal stamping, vibrating screen and conveyor applications through to labeling, sealing and packaging tasks. Airmounts are used in Australia to isolate equipment as diverse as compressors, computers, generators and refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment.

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