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Smallest-ever air springs trio

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article image Fabricated of moulded plastic elements welded together in a sealed unit.

AIR Springs Supply Pty Ltd has introduced to Australia and New Zealand a trio of the smallest Firestone pneumatic actuators ever available.

Palm-sized Airomatic polyactuators are complemented by compact Airstroke IM1A and 2M2A actuators for packaging, processing and materials handling applications.

Inflated by standard factory compressed air supplies, the actuators can delicately and flexibly exert forces from under 50kg to more than 250kg, yet last for millions of cycles in demanding industrial environments. They are part of a broader family of Airstrokes in capacities up to 40,000kg.

The new Firestone 70-P-13 Airomatic polyactuator - the smallest of the trio - stands just 16mm high deflated, yet has a stroke of more than 12.5mm. The Airomatic, with a diameter of just 76mm, is just as tough as its larger counterparts, which are identical in construction to the Firestone air springs used in heavy truck suspensions.

Fabricated of moulded plastic elements welded together in a sealed unit, the polyactuators are easily customisable to meet specific sizes and shapes for a wide variety of materials handling and processing applications, including conveyors.

Firestone developed the Airomatic polyactuators to satisfy the need for very small spaces and light forces in applications such as conveyor transfer sections and roller brakes.

The slightly larger 1M1A and 2M2As provide extra force but are still under 40mm high deflated, with diameters of under 90mm and 60mm respectively.

Originally designed for the conveyor industry, the actuators can be used in almost any application requiring very small pressure and stroke.

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