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Pronal palletising grippers from Air Springs Supply optimise productivity when handling bottled food and beverages

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Pronal palletising grippers from Air Springs Supply are engineered for high reliability and grip when dealing with a wide variety of bottled food and beverages in high speed production lines.
Made from hot vulcanised elastomer-coated fabrics engineered in France, the tough but highly flexible Pronal MC and ML grippers are typically used in multiple banks of gripping lengths configured to user requirements. The elastomer-coated fabrics were designed for the glass industry to optimise productivity by providing a secure method of gripping bottles for palletising and de-palletising.
Pronal palletising grippers are available in standard sizes of 1230mm and 1460mm with special lengths available on request. Pneumatic actuation and isolation specialist Air Springs Supply is the national distributor for the Pronal range.
According to Air Springs Supply National Sales and Marketing Manager, Mr James Maslin, Pronal grippers’ strength and tenacity is combined with a soft touch to accommodate minor variations in bottle positioning during rapid movement, making the grippers highly compatible with rapid automated bottling and packaging systems.
Pronal has also created special grippers for complex situations: 

  • Bottles or flasks of complex shapes, which can be palletised with Pronal's short neck models (MCC or MLC)
  • Grippers with a second in/outlet
  • Half-inflatable range specially adapted to the latest generation of bottles and bottle shapes
Pronal palletising grippers complement Firestone AirPicker and AirGripper end-effectors, also available from Air Springs Supply for high-speed bottling, packaging and palletising. These precision-engineered product handling devices incorporate neoprene bladders, which inflate gently and evenly to manipulate delicate products or containers as light as 20g or as heavy as up to 20kg.
AirPickers are inserted into products while deflated, then inflated outwardly and evenly to hold onto the product’s interior walls. AirGrippers surround a product with a collar from which a rubber sleeve is inflated inwardly to grip the product’s exterior.

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