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Pronal Uni-Plug collapsible pipe stoppers available from Air Spring Supplies

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Air Springs Supply now offer a range of collapsible pipe stoppers that can compactly fit around obstacles, corners and into previously inaccessible areas of surface, underground and underwater pipelines.

Especially recommended for low pressure applications, these custom-fabricated and stock ranges of Pronal Uni-Plug collapsible pipe stoppers are water tight and easy to install for maintenance, testing and emergency tasks, such as:

  • pipe repair
  • insulation of areas for welding
  • sealing of mine levels; and
  • isolation of risers in factories, power plants, water utilities and other industrial, resources and municipal infrastructure.
Produced in stock diameters from 50mm - 1600mm larger custom fabricated sizes available for particular applications) Uni-Plug collapsible pipe stoppers are a tough advanced technology product from the internationally respected Pronal organisation, which produced the strong inflatable bags used to lift sections of the Titanic from nearly four kilometres deep in the Atlantic.
The easily transported and reusable Uni-Plug collapsible pipe stopper range is made from reinforced fabric, coated with synthetic elastomer.

According to James Maslin, Sales Manager for Air Springs Supply, one of the beauties of the Uni-Plug system is that it can be collapsed into confined spaces and then inflated at a place where it is needed.

“Space is often at a premium in pipelines serving complex industrial and infrastructure structures - such as desal and municipal water plants, power plants, mines and offshore rigs - and spaces available can be awkward for conventional stoppers to reach,” says Maslin.

"The quality of the product provides top levels of safety and reassurance, with Pronal products having been proven worldwide in both military and civil applications,” he adds.

Uni-Plug collapsible pipe stopper ranges are complemented by optional accessories includin:

  • inflation lines
  • flexible bypass hoses
  • vacuum indicator
  • thermal protection
  • control valves; and
  • gauges.

Different types of Pronal pipe stoppers are available for high pressure applications.

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