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The range of Pronal Palletisers from Air Springs Supply are engineered to deliver optimal grip and reliability when handling bottled food and beverages. These robust and highly flexible Pronal MC and ML Grippers are constructed from hot vulcanised elastomer-coated fabric and are design to deliver excellent operational efficiencies by providing a secure method of gripping bottles for palletizing and de-palletising.

Combination of strength and gentle handling produces rapid production rates

Pronal Grippers provide the perfect balance between strength and a soft touch ensuring that minor variations in bottle positioning does not affect production speed capabilities.
  • Grippers are used in multiple banks of gripping lengths configured to operational requirements
  • Grippers are highly compatible with rapid automated packaging and bottling systems
  • Pronal MC and ML Grippers are engineered in France and designed for increase efficiencies in the glass industry
Gripping lengths can be customised to suit specific requirements
  • Standard sizes include 1230mm and 1460mm with customised lengths available on request
  • Bottles and flasks of complex shapes can be palletised with Pronal’s new short neck MCC and MLC  models 
  • Grippers can add a second inflation point upon request
  • A new half-inflatable range which also been developed to adapt to the latest trends in bottles and bottle shapes
The Pronal Palletising Grippers are the ideal complement to the Firestone AirPicker® and AirGripper® end-effectors for high-speed bottling, packaging and palletising. These handling devices are also available from Air Spring Supply and incorporate neoprene bladders which inflate gently to manipulate delicate products or containers from 20g to 20kgs. For more information on the Pronal Palletising Grippers and Airpicker® and Airgripper® ranges visit the Air Springs Supply website. Air Springs Supply information and contact details

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