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The Pronal Lifting Cushions from Air Springs Supply are the result of years of experience in the manufacture of Lifting Bags.

Highly portable, the Pronal Lifting Cushions are used in a broad range of applications in the Civil Rescue, Military, Aviation, Automotive Mining and Industrial sectors.

With a lifting capacity of up to 67000kg tonne, they feature a non-slip surface providing maximum friction when stacking two cushions.

Mechanical or hydraulic jacks concentrate their energy into a small contact surface area. Lifting cushions, on the other hand distribute forces equally over the entire surface area of the bag. At the same time, lifting cushions have a very low maximum thickness (<25mm) compared to conventional jacks, allowing them to be deployed and operated in a wider range of situations than any other means.

Completely safe to use, the Pronal Lifting Cushions from Air Spring Supply offer many advantages, including:

  • Aramid reinforcement (kevlar)
  • Inflation pressure up to 8 bar, irrespective of the stroke.
  • Low and high pressure cushions are available.
  • Cross-marked for an easy centering of the cushion under load.
  • Basic safety rules are inscribed on the cushions.
  • Available with a large selection of accessories designed for various fields of applications.

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