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Pollu-Plug stoppers from Air Springs Supply prevent contamination of waterways from spills

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article image James Maslin demonstrates Pollu-Plug installation

Pollu-Plug stoppers available from Air Springs Supply prevent accidental contamination of waterways due to spills from water and sewerage lines.  

Manufactured by global elastomer specialist Pronal, Pollu-Plug stoppers are permanently and unobtrusively fitted in water and sewerage lines ready for instantaneous inflation by remote triggering as soon as an emergency arises in industrial, civil and municipal applications.  

Pollu-Plugs are part of an extensive Pronal range of inflatable emergency, rescue and maintenance equipment used by industrial, military and civil defence organisations worldwide (including transportable water and fuel tanks and lifting cushions used to raise equipment such as mining plant and pipelines).   

Pollu-Plugs are triggered for inflation during emergencies such as an urgent need to contain toxic fluid spill or to prevent spreading of firefighting or contaminated process water into the pipeline and the environment downstream.  

During normal times, the stopper allows the usual non-polluted contents to pass beneath the elastomer-coated Pollu-Plug, which is located flat inside the top of a pipeline. It is connected by an air supply line to an all-weather control panel and nitrogen inflation cylinder supplied by the customer and located outside the pipe.  

Key features of Pollu-Plug stoppers:  

  • Available in diameters of 100-1000mm and lengths of 450-2050mm
  • Custom sizes can be produced on request
  • Inflated at pressures of between 400 and 1200 KPa depending on pipeline diameter
  • Complements Pronal’s extensive range of OFR stoppers designed for maximum sealing diameters of 410-2115mm
  • Allows rapid inflation for tight sealing to prevent accidental pollution
  • Simple and efficient device with minimal maintenance requirement
Air Springs Supply National Sales and Marketing Manager Mr James Maslin comments that the quality and durability of the product, and of related Pronal pipeline products is backed by Pronal’s global experience in elastomer technology, with more than 3,000 global customers relying on Pronal design projects in fields as diverse as military, aerospace, offshore, industrial, mechanical, hydraulic, nuclear, water and wastewater as well as environmental areas.

In addition to the proven performance of Pronal technology globally, its inflatable elastomer products can also be custom-fabricated to suit particular applications.  

Air Springs Supply has more than 30 years of specialist national experience in applying pneumatic actuation and isolation technologies.

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