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Pneumatic palletising bottle grippers

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AIR Springs Supply has introduced to Australia pneumatic palletising bottle grippers made from hot vulcanised elastomer coated fabrics.

The Pronal MC and ML grippers are said to be tough and highly flexible. They are produced by the company that made the buoyancy bags used to lift heavy sections of the vessel Titanic from depths of 3900m beneath the Atlantic.

The units are available in standard sizes of 1230mm and 1460mm with special lengths are available on request.

The grippers are suitable for use with plastic and glass bottles used for a wide range of foodstuffs and beverages.

Typically used in multiple banks of gripping lengths configured to user requirements, the grippers are said to be highly compatible with rapid automated bottling and packaging systems.

The company claims the grippers can accommodates minor variations in bottle positioning during rapid movement, which makes them suitable for use in modern high speed production lines.

Some bottles or flasks of complex shapes can be palletised with the Pronal MCC or MLC ranges.

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