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No internal seal with Airstroke Actuators from Air Springs Supply

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Proper tension control is important in many production processes including printing, coating, laminating, packaging, slitting, winding and textile and paper manufacturing.

Tension braking systems generally include sensors, controllers and hydraulic or pneumatic actuators. Actuators are the force behind control roller sets that must achieve consistent performance levels over millions of cycles in a variety of environmental conditions that often damage the internal seals of conventional cylinders and actuators.

One of the simplest actuation solutions is to use an actuator that does not need an internal seal such as the air spring type, supplied by Air Springs Supply in Australia.

Airstroke Actuator Systems have been used in Australia for more than 30 years, powered by normal factory compressed air. Internationally they have been employed in production processes such as web guidance systems, where they control tracking on the belts of materials handling systems in various industries.

Unlike typical cylindrical metal pneumatic actuators, which require internal seals, AirStroke Actuator systems contain a column of air in a fabric-reinforced rubber envelope which doesn’t require any seals.

These bellows are inflated by compressed air to provide the flexible extension/contraction cycles needed to continuously and flexibly actuate industrial components such as tension brakes.

They are engineered into particular shapes to perform particular roles, with two of the most typical types being rolling sleeve types or single, double or triple convoluted types.

The rolling sleeve type provides good stroke extension and huge shock absorption capability, and the convoluted type offers compact stable power and high repetition capabilities.

Both types of Airstroke Actuator systems offer side load flexibility and simplified, compact attachment.

Users don't have to worry about side loads caused by misalignment because the air spring has a flexible bellow wall instead of seals and guides allowing the bellow to follow the path of least resistance.

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