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Motorhomes’ vehicles install Ride-Rite air helper suspension kits available from Air Spring Supply

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Hire vehicle suspensions are subject to more stringent demands imposed on any type of work vehicle. According to Sadha Moodley, Around Australia Motorhomes, in stock form the customised vehicles have weight and height considerations, as a result of the accommodation and equipment fitted to them. The customised vehicles are 2.7m tall, and like all similar vehicles, carry loads high in the vehicle. Hence, Motorhomes tried the Ride-Rite air helper suspension kits that are available from Air Springs Supply .

The easy-to-install Ride-Rite kits, supplied in NSW by All Air Suspension, are manufactured in Australia by Airbag Man incorporating high quality Firestone airbags. The air helper suspensions help the vehicle to ride flatter, enhancing cornering and braking, and also help to prevent chassis twisting, flexing and stressing.

In addition, operators of vehicles equipped with the Ride-Rite kits can maintain the same vehicle ride height under different load conditions. This gives performance and safety from empty to full. Air can also be added to overcome the imbalance inherent with uneven loads.

The Ride-Rite kits were fitted to Around Australia Motorhomes’ vehicles immediately after delivery. Motorhomes felt the difference between when picked up the vehicle in stock form, then after fitted with the kit. Handling and stability got enhanced and needed low maintenance.

The Ride-Rite kits can even fit fairly tough vehicles such as 4wds and work trucks as well as vehicles that are used for towing, including work and RVs. Complementary kits are also available for coil sprung vehicles as well as full air conversion kits.

Basic Ride-Rite suspension kits are supplied with manual inflation valves through which air can be introduced using a simple tyre pump. For greater convenience, various on-board compressors and in-cab control kits are also available. Around Australia Motorhomes permanently adjusts its vehicles’ suspension air pressure before vehicles are put on the road, to ensure the optimum combination of ride and stability as determined by their experience.

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