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article image The new extended stroke actuators.

NEW extended stroke air springs have been announced for industrial actuation and materials handling applications needing longer strokes and more power at the end of the stroke.

The expanded Airstroke actuators from Air Springs Supply offer the same durability and rapid cycling benefits as standard single and double convoluted Airstrokes but with between 25-50mm extra stroke.

The long-stroke bellows actuators - manufactured by Firestone - permit more compact single and double convoluted actuators to be used in applications that might otherwise require larger double or triple convoluted actuators or more complex alternatives.

Air Springs Supply managing director Andrew Cameron says the longwall actuators share the simplicity which is the beauty of all air springs used in demanding processing applications.

"They are fundamentally rugged fabric-reinforced bags of air, the shapes of which have been engineered for specific tasks and which have been demonstrated in Australian service to go through millions of actuation cycles without needing maintenance.

"The new longwall Airstrokes - models 153-2, 19-75, 20-2, 21-2 and 233-2 - extend these benefits by permitting more compact actuators to be used in applications where, compared with standard airbags, they offer significantly increased stroke and improved air volume as well.

"The extended Airstrokes also offer a flatter performance curve, with a more even load carrying capacity throughout the cylinder's stroke and, in particular, a higher performance at the end of the stroke."

Inflated at between 3 and 6 bar (within the range of pressures produced by standard industrial plant compressors), the extended stroke Airstrokes are part of a family of actuators offering from 40 to 40,000kg capacity.

Information about the full range of Airstroke actuators can be obtained through the Air Springs Supply website www.airsprings.com.au which has a comprehensive guide to pneumatic actuation, isolation and suspension.

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