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MarshMellow rubber springs from Air Springs Supply offer advantages over metal in process and manufacturing applications

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MarshMellow rubber springs from Firestone Industrial Products, represented in Australia by Air Springs Supply are designed to offer several advantages over metal springs in process and manufacturing applications.  

Rubber springs are preferred in industrial applications because of their reliability, light weight and simplicity. But to obtain the load requirements for many applications, solid rubber springs have been found to be too large physically, or become unstable laterally when made long enough to provide good isolation characteristics.  

MarshMellow rubber springs feature a unique design that makes use of the many advantages of rubber as a suspension and isolation element in major applications including vibrating screens, conveyors and particularly corrosive processing and manufacturing environments that may damage metal springs.  

MarshMellow springs feature a solid rubber core with a hollow centre, reinforced covers and specially designed tapered ends.  

Actuation and isolation specialist James Maslin, who is National Sales and Marketing Manager for Air Springs Supply explains that the controllable variables of the construction lead to extreme design flexibility in the spring with changes in taper, rubber hardness or cord angle and bias dramatically impacting the operating characteristics of the products.  

The characteristics of the MarshMellow design facilitate a constant natural frequency and variable spring rate to provide constant isolation over a wide range of loads.  

Key benefits of MarshMellow rubber springs:  

  • High degree of vibration isolation as well as lateral vibration isolation and consistent vibration isolation with changing loads
  • Low natural spring frequencies provide excellent isolation of forced frequencies in the range of 13-20 Hz  
  • Compact overall size with high load capacity and increased stability at higher percentages of compression
  • Greater allowable deflection and length-to-diameter ratios for machine design flexibility and simplicity
  • Long life durability and corrosion resistance eliminate downtime and potential damage to machinery
  • Low cost and maintenance-free performance with effective noise reduction
MarshMellow rubber springs can be an effective isolator in virtually any application where an air supply is not available for traditional air springs such as the Firestone Airmounts and Airstrokes, also distributed by Air Springs Supply.

Excellent performance combined with a maximum load range now extending from 1.4 kN up to 88 kN makes the MarshMellow particularly suitable for vibration isolation applications beneath equipment such as bin hoppers, compressors, crushers, blowers, motors, HVAC installations and vibrating screens.

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