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Long-stroke actuators enhance performance

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article image Austrobot’s Longwall Airstroke actuator (bottom left).

LONG-stroke pneumatic actuators are helping one of Australia's manufacturers of robotics and materials handling equipment to enhance the performance and safety of its latest pallet dispensing machines.

The new No 19-75 Longwall Airstroke actuators, from Air Springs Supply , are used by McNeall Austrobot to optimise safety, save energy and minimise maintenance on automatic pallet dispensing machines that can dispense one or two empty pallets onto floors or conveyor systems every 12 seconds.

Maintenance costs on the user-friendly dispensers have been halved since Airstrokes originally replaced mechanical springs on smaller Ausrobot pallet dispensers several years ago.

The new Longwall Airstrokes have more recently enabled the company to extend the Airstrokes' reliability, flexibility and safety benefits into its latest pneumatic and electro-pneumatic equipment.

Use of the compact (343mm diameter, 150mm maximum height) model 19.75 Longwall Airstrokes also permitted the use of smaller compressors than would otherwise be needed, while dispensing with any requirement for pneumatic tanks.

Use of a smaller actuator and compressor translated into space and cost savings during manufacturing, while reduced compressed air energy usage offered ongoing savings for users.

Long-stroke actuators were introduced for industrial actuation applications needing enhanced lateral stability, longer strokes and more power at the end of the stroke.

The new Airstrokes permit compact single convoluted actuators to be used in applications that might otherwise require larger double or triple convoluted actuators or more complex alternatives types of cylinder.

Inflated at between 3-6 bar (within the range of pressures produced by standard industrial plant compressors), the extended stroke Airstrokes are part of a family of actuators offering from 40 to 40,000kg capacity.

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