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Isolators from Air Springs Supply Tackle NVH Efficiently

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Air Springs Supply  offers a range of isolators designed to manage NVH or noise, vibration and harshness issues in industrial and processing plants.  

The NVH problem is common in applications as diverse as mounting of compressors, generators and turbines, isolating shakers, crushers, vibrating screens and conveyors, stamping presses as well as fabrication, packaging and loading machinery.  

NVH interferes with the operation of delicate computers and electronic equipment now used widely in production and production automation processes. Simultaneously, it also disrupts employee comfort and safety.  

Pneumatic isolation specialist Simon Agar, who is General Manager of Air Springs Supply says that there were about 16,500 successful workers' compensation claims for industrial deafness involving permanent impairment due to noise over a 5-year period.  

Safe Work Australia Chief Executive Officer Rex Hoy points out that in addition to a high economic price for occupational noise-induced hearing loss borne by workers, NVH has also been linked to annoyance, fatigue and serious health conditions such as hypertension.  

Air Springs Supply has expanded its range of inflatable Airmount isolators and Marsh Mellow isolators in response to industry needs for simple, reliable and highly efficient ways to tackle NVH.  

Their product range includes single, double and triple-convoluted Airmount isolators as well as rolling sleeve models and complementary Marsh Mellow springs that have been refined by international pneumatics leader Firestone to achieve isolation efficiencies of more than 99 per cent.  

Airmount isolators  

Mr Agar says that the Airmount isolators are highly engineered balloons, which are carefully constructed to deliver performance demanded across a very broad spectrum of needs, extending from suspension of a 30kg computerised control panel to total suspension of the entire 100-tonne bulk of a huge motor, crusher, press or production line.  

Airmount isolators display extreme performance and reliability across a wide weight range. The isolators can be used beneath operating tables in surgeries or the most delicate of computers and are robust enough to suspend an entire swimming pool in a luxury hotel.    

Key advantages of Airmount isolators: 

  • Available in an expanded range of sizes to individually support weights from under 100kg up to more than 40,000kg
  • No internal moving parts to wear or metal springs to corrode and break
  • Robust construction
  • Four mounting options

Marsh Mellow springs  

Also engineered by Firestone to complement Airmounts, Marsh Mellow springs are tubular isolators, which comprise of a solid rubber core surrounded by bias layers of fabric engineered to the needs of particular applications.  

Offering more simplicity than the Airmounts, Marsh Mellow tubular isolators don’t even need to be inflated. Utilised beneath machinery such as stamping presses and vibratory screens, they prevent repetitive shock and vibration from being driven into the ground, where they can disrupt foundations and disturb electronic equipment used for quality and process control efficiency.  

Key features of Marsh Mellow springs

  • Allow very low natural frequencies (down to 2.5 Hertz) to be achieved under load
  • Excellent isolation of forced frequencies in the range of 800-1200 cycles per minute (13-20 Hz)
  • Construction allows them to retain a constant natural frequency under compression
  • Excellent in applications subject to frequent load changes such as isolating diesel engines, centrifugal separators, feeder lines and stamping presses
  • Suitable for vibration isolation of machinery such as compressors, vibrating screens, bin hoppers, blowers and motors
  • High load capability ensures fewer springs are needed in an application resulting in less overall cost
  • Springs range in size from the 0216 model with an unloaded height of 44mm and outside diameter of 41mm through to models such as the 0243 with an unloaded height of 203mm and an outside diameter of 279mm

Marsh Mellow tubular isolators offer a simple, robust and effective means of solving industrial shock and vibration isolation problems such as noise, gallop through resonance, short spring life, corrosion, abrasion, surge loads, bottoming-out, high maintenance, lengthy replacement downtime, limited space for high-load springs, metal fatigue and breakage as well as complicated mounting.


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