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Higher temperature super duty air springs

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NEW pneumatic actuators and isolators have been announced by Air Springs Supply for applications involving continuous operating temperatures over a range from -17.5 to +110°C.

The new super duty air springs constructed from Epichlorohydrin elastomer offer nearly double the high-temperature tolerance of standard air springs, permitting the product's simplicity and cost-effectiveness to be built into a broader range of machinery.

Industrial air springs bellows actuators - manufactured by Firestone, without internal moving parts to break or wear - typically cost less than half conventional pneumatic cylinders, says Air Springs Supply national sales manager Simon Agar.

The rugged fabric-reinforced polymer air bags are identical in construction to the air springs used in the suspensions of trucks, buses and trains, making them extremely durable and reliable.

While the standard air spring is suitable for rapid-cycling tasks over a temperature range from -37 to +57°C, the super duty air springs are suited to static and low motion isolation applications and some actuation applications.

"Whereas the new Epichlorohydrin polymer would be ideal for an application involving control of the nip pressure between two rollers, for example, the standard air spring would be ideal for rapid cycling machinery such as metal stamping or conveyor application," says Mr Agar.

Inflated at between 3-6 bar (within the range of pressures produced by standard industrial plant compressors), air springs offer from 40 to 40,000kg capacity.

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