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Heavy duty Airstroke actuators from Air Springs Supply for compact lifts in confined spaces

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Air Springs Supply  stocks some of the most powerful and versatile Firestone Airstroke actuators available in Australia for heavyweight materials handling, maintenance and machinery tasks.  

Airstroke actuators are available in single, double and triple convoluted configurations with (centre) rolling sleeve types. Convoluted actuators are suitable for heavy lifts.  

One of the frequent problems of heavy lifts in the construction, mining and energy sectors is the confined spaces in which crews must work and apply force. In situations where lifting cylinders are used beneath loads to overcome lack of overhead access for cranes, work crews sometimes also have to contend with off-centre loads that can damage or destroy plungers in compact rigid cylinders.  

Air Springs Supply offers the Model 348-3s triple-convoluted actuators, which can lift more than 40,000kg each using normal industrial compressed air at 7 bar (100 psi) to provide strokes of up to 350mm from a compact starting height of just 140mm.  

According to Air Springs Supply General Manager Mr Simon Agar, a key advantage in these actuators is that they don’t have any internal moving parts such as plungers or seals to break or wear, ensuring high reliability in industrial environments.  

Air springs have a flexible compliant bellows wall instead of seals or guides with the bellows following the path of least resistance. Users therefore attain greater tolerance for side loads caused by misalignment or uneven loads, typically without needing to use a clevis. Fine control of the lift can be obtained through valving and mechanical means, making the lift less cumbersome.  

Compressed air or suitable liquids can be used as the lifting medium within the air springs. Single, double and triple-convoluted air springs offer superior stability for heavy lifts, while extended wall single-convoluted models offer 25-60mm greater stroke than standard models, permitting them to be used in applications that might otherwise require more complex lifting and actuation alternatives.  

Rolling sleeve actuators are also available for extended stroke performance where standalone stability is less of an issue.  

The rugged, fabric-reinforced rubber bellows are used singly or in multiple sets for tasks such as hoisting generators, motors and other heavy machinery for inspections and maintenance, lifting drive tables and conveyor transfer sections as well as actuating powerful scissors lifts.

Applications in Australia and worldwide have included lifting draglines for maintenance, and lifting bucket dredge and heavy machinery for inspections.  

Airstroke actuators offer significant savings in set up costs compared with alternatives such as hydraulics. The comparatively low cost of Airstroke installations allow their use as mobile jacks or to be built into equipment for swift, trouble-free use during inspections and maintenance with minimum downtime.  

The versatile new longwall actuators share the simplicity of all air springs used in demanding processing applications such as conveying, metal processing, vibrating screens, manipulation and actuation.  

Longwall Airstrokes allow more compact, single-convoluted actuators to be used in applications where, compared with equivalent double convoluted bags, they offer 30% better lateral stability and 25% better air volume.  

Inflated in a 3-7 bar range, the extended stroke actuators are part of a family of actuators available in a capacity range of 40 - 40,000kg.

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