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Giant Airstrokes offer new versatility

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article image One of the new extended stroke single convoluted Airstrokes.

SOME of the most powerful and versatile Airstroke actuators available in Australia are being introduced by Air Springs Supply for heavyweight materials handling, maintenance, manufacturing and mining tasks.

Top of the range are the triple-convoluted model 348-3s, which can lift more than 40,000kg each using normal industrial compressed air at 7 bar (100psi) to provide strokes of up to 350mm from a compact starting height of just 140mm.

Complementing the big triple and double-convoluted Airstrokes are new single-convoluted models with 25-60mm greater stroke than standard models, permitting them to be used in applications that might otherwise require more complex lifting and actuation alternatives.

The rugged, fabric-reinforced rubber bellows are used singly or in multiple sets for tasks such as hoisting heavy machinery for inspection and maintenance, lifting drive tables and conveyor transfer sections and actuating powerful scissors lifts.

Heavy industrial and mining industry applications in Australia and worldwide have included splitting giant shovels for maintenance, and lifting bucket dredge and heavy machinery for inspections.

Because of the comparatively low cost of Airstroke installations, they can be used either as mobile jacks or built into equipment for swift, trouble-free use when inspection and maintenance periods come around.

This helps operations staff to conduct periodic inspections and maintenance with minimum downtime - an important consideration when individual items of equipment and production savings can be worth huge amounts.

Inflated at between 3-7 bar (within the range of pressures produced by standard industrial plant compressors), the extended stroke Airstrokes are part of a family of actuators offering from 40 to 40,000kg capacity.

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