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All Air Suspension stock an extensive range of Firestone Rite-Rite™ Air Helper Spring Kits that are ideal for both light and heavy duty trucks, utes, vans and 4WD work vehicles fitted with conventional leaf spring suspensions. 

All Air Suspension work nationally with Airbag Man to offer Firestone Coil-Rite Supplementary Air Suspensions with durable polyurethane air bags that fit inside existing coil springs to provide levelling control to a vehicle when under load, increasing comfort and stability. The Coil-Rite system enables owners of towing, work and recreational vehicles to adjust for varying loads and road conditions by simply inflating or deflating the airbag, just like inflating a tyre. 

Ride-Rite™ systems mount between the frame and the suspension of light-trucks, vans and motor homes
  • Level the vehicle both front-to-rear and side-to-side
  • Basic spring kits available for different types of vehicles, including two airhelper springs, air lines with separate tyre type inflation valves, hardware for proper installation and step-by-step installation instructions using simple hand tools
  • Ride-Rite™ Air Compressor Accessory kit contains a 12 volt air compressor, 2.25litre tank, pressure switch and tubing to inflate the airhelper springs and tyres
  • In-cab adjustment for unbalanced loads including back to front and side to side loading problems with Ride-Rite™ Dual Cab Control Kit, Single Cab Control Kit, Automatic Control Kit and Level Command Kits
  • Improves overall ride quality and handling by being able to inflate the air springs to different pressures to cope with uneven loads and varying weight distribution
  • Identical in construction to the rugged Firestone air springs used on 40 tonne semi trailers, Ride-Rite springs are inflated by standard workshop compressors or optional on board compressor systems
Ride-Rite™ kits are available for a wide range of the most popular work vehicles in Australia. These include Toyota Hilux, Troop Carrier and Landcruiser HJ/75 HJ/60, Holden Rodeo, Jackaroo and Commodore utes, Nissan Patrol, Mazda Bravo, Mitsubishi Triton and Pajero, and Ford Courier, Maverick, Transit, Falcon ute and F Series, plus many others.

Coil-Rite systems are used for front-to-rear and side-to-side levelling control of a vehicle
  • Maintains a level vehicle that can be adjusted to suit different conditions and provides extra support for front and rear coil springs in cars, vans, 4WD's, SUV's and motor homes
  • Maximises safe load carrying capacity by enabling the vehicle to "level up" when towing caravans, boats and trailers or when carrying heavy, uneven loads
  • Engineered to withstand the rigours dished out to coil sprung suspensions over widely varying road surfaces. 
  • Increases vehicle stability, comfort and braking performance, each set will support 250-500kg (subject to the vehicles gross vehicle weight rating)
  • Improves steering, balance and ride quality by greatly reducing "bottoming out" and reducing coil suspension fatigue
  • Improves vision by keeping headlights aimed on the road, not up in the face of oncoming traffic and reduces tyre wear
All Air Suspension is the NSW and ACT distributor for the Airbag Man range of products, which also include coil replacement full air systems that provide the ultimate in ride height flexibility by fitting a heavy duty fabric reinforced air spring in the same position as the removed coil.

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Question: 15/10/12 - Yes, we do have a kit available for the 2007 model Prado. The kit number is CR5035 if standard height, CR5034 if raised. Please contact us on 02 9807 ... read more
Question: 28/05/12 - Firestone Coil-Rite supplementary air suspensions with durable polyurethane airbags fit inside existing coil springs to provide levelling control to ... read more
Question: 28/05/12 - Firestone Ride-Rite airbag systems provide extra support for leaf suspensions in light trucks, vans, utes, 4WD's, SUV's, caravans and motor homes. ... read more

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