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Firestone Marsh Mellow rubber springs from Air Springs Supply ideal for vibration isolation

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Firestone’s Marsh Mellow rubber springs available from Air Springs Supply feature no-maintenance isolation technology that resolves problems created by noise and vibration in equipment.  

Dealing with noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) is one of the bigger challenges of the traditional Christmas-New Year maintenance season when engineers have to contend with the damage caused by NVH to vital components such as bearings, bushings, joints, welds, mountings and springs.  

Industrial actuation and isolation specialist Mr James Maslin who is also National Sales and Marketing Manager of Air Springs Supply comments that unchecked harshness and vibration can create potentially expensive compensation issues of hearing and nerve damage in addition to wreaking havoc with production machinery as well as nearby automation and computer technology.  

Plant engineers are giving increasing attention to OH&S and reliability issues because bulk handling and materials processing systems are prone to high levels of damaging impact vibration and noise.  

One of the simplest and most effective technologies Mr Maslin has employed for suitable applications involves Marsh Mellow rubber springs from Firestone, which are engineered for immense strength and longevity.  

Thanks to their excellent performance and maximum load range extending up to 88 kN, Marsh Mellow rubber springs are particularly suitable for vibration isolation applications beneath equipment commonly used by mining, quarrying, primary production, food and beverage processing and manufacturing industries.  

The equipment includes vibrating screens, stamping presses, mixers, motors, compressors, conveyors, crushers, blowers and bins as well as motors and generators.  

Marsh Mellow rubber springs can also be used as shock absorbers for conveyor and primary product and other materials handling applications, particularly in damp and corrosive environments where standard coil springs may fail.  

The spring’s components (rubber, bias plies and size of centre) are combined in different ways to meet specific load and performance requirements while ensuring flexibility and precision.    

Key features of Marsh Mellow rubber springs:  

  • Hollow centres surrounded by a solid rubber core and fabric ply reinforced body 
  • Delivers constant vibration isolation with changing loads 
  • Unique construction delivers low natural spring frequencies to provide excellent isolation of forced frequencies in the range of 13-20 Hz 
  • Maximum load range extends from 0.64 kN up to 88 kN 
  • Corrosion-resistant durability allows use in damp and corrosive environments 
  • No moving parts and requires no maintenance or lubrication, enabling use in moist, grimy and demanding environments 
  • Significant OH&S benefits from reducing structurally transmitted noise caused by vibration 
  • Rugged rubber construction eliminates problem of cracking, consequent damage to equipment and costly downtime 
  • Displays high overload characteristics and offers support even during failure 
  • Increased stability at higher percentages of compression 
  • Higher load capability lowers the number of springs required, resulting in less overall cost

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