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Firestone Airmount® pneumatic actuators from Air Springs Supply

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article image These actuators can perform a range of air actuation tasks, among others
These Firestone Airmount® penumatic actuators from Air Springs Supply have a unique cylinder shape, and while they are different appearance perform a range of actuation tasks.

The pneumatic actuators primary use is a as a short stroke, high force, single acting pneumatic actuator and they are ideal for friction free, leak free, flexible force applications.

Most actuators have a traditional hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder design that requires a range of guides and seals that operate to align and seal sliding surfaces.  

On the contrary, these Airstroke penumatic actuators do not require any such components to contain and channel their column of fluid.

This explains why the air springs are so incredibly functional.

The pneumatic actuators have been used in industrial markets as for an extended period of time, and they can be incorporated into new and innovative machinery designs.

Furthermore, the penumatic actuators can be used in existing applications that previously used traditional pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders.

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