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Cushions split and lift quarried materials

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SPLITTING and lifting cushions said to be capable of exerting hundreds of tonnes of force to extract quarried material are being introduced to Australia by Air Springs Supply .

The Pronal special quarry lifting cushions are available in standard sizes from 7mm thick. The thin profile is said to aid in cushion placement along cutting lines.

The technology is suitable for extracting blocks of quarried material, particularly diamond cable cutting.

Using standard industrial air supply pressure of 6-7 bar, the cushions are said to be able to exert between 160 and 390t of force.

The company claims several cushions can be used in parallel, multiplying power exerted. Loads can also be tipped over by placing cushions on top of one another.

The design is lightweight based on a high strength textile base fabric coated with synthetic rubber. The cushions can be used several times.

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