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Compact twin-action pneumatic actuator

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article image The new 1M2A Airstroke.

A FAST-acting version of one of Australia's smallest and fastest pneumatic actuators is being introduced by Air Springs Supply .

Powered extension and powered exhaust of the 1M2A Ministroke make it suitable for rapid processing and materials handling applications requiring compact size but a stroke that is longer than normal for the size.

The 1M2A has a starting (deflated) height of only 64mm, but a stroke of 86mm and maximum force exceeding 200kg, says Air Springs Supply national sales manager Simon Agar.

"This performance - coupled with one of the most rapid cycling actions available for industrial actuation - makes the 1M2A suitable for light and rapid tasks such as conveyor actuation, transfer gates, drive tables, stamping, sealing and forming," he says.

Available with either plastic or brass air inlets to suit food, chemical, high purity or corrosive materials, the sleeve-type 1M2A complements larger single, double and triple Airstrokes in capacities up to 40,000kg each.

With no internal moving parts to wear or break, Airstrokes' tough, clean fabric-reinforced rubber construction and lack of need for lubrication makes them highly suitable for use in arduous industrial environments.

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