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Airstrokes actuators from Air Springs Supply are highly engineered rubber and fabric air bags. They are flexible-wall, bellows-type air cylinders which are ideally suited to engineering of assemblies for high-repetition tasks, for which they are inflated and deflated rapidly to achieve their purpose.

Uses of Airstrokes actuators:

  • Conveyor line actuation (mining and manufacturing)
  • Conveyor stops and gravity gates
  • Pallet handling equipment
  • Web tensioning
  • Skate wheel right angle gravity transfer section on a conveyor
  • High speed metal stamping
  • Vibrating screens and compressor equipment in the mining and food industries
  • High frequency stress testing of materials Automotive metal press counterbalances
  • Belt takeup and roller friction brake on conveyor equipment
Australian industrial plants also use them as ram cylinders, die cushions, counterbalances, clamps, lifters, valve operators, flexible connectors, shock absorbers and isolators.

Airstroke actuators have capabilities and limitations that set them apart from traditional metal-wall cylinders driven by the pumps and compressors in nearly every production plant.

It is important to remember, however, that, regardless of their appearance, they are indeed cylinders - and that their performance has a critical bearing on the overall efficiency of pneumatic systems.

Traditional cylinder designs contain a piston sliding within a housing of circular cross-section connected to the work by a rod passing through one end of the device. This design necessitates several guides and seals, which align and seal the sliding surfaces. These allow a pressurised, contained column of fluid to apply force to the piston.

An air spring uses none of these components to contain and channel its column of fluid.

An air spring contains its column of air in a fabric-reinforced rubber envelope, or bellows. The ends are sealed by bead plates, which are crimped around the bead of the bellows. These plates contain the attachment hardware for the part, normally a blind tapped hole called a blind nut. An air fitting, generally in one bead plate, allows fluid (air) to be introduced into the chamber. The fabric in the side wall of the bellows restricts radial expansion, so pressure is built up, causing axial extension.

Air springs are available in a variety of styles, sporting differing components that control the shape and path of axial extension, but their basic design is the same. Each style is, in essence, a heavy-duty balloon.

In order to select the appropriate air spring, you need to know the force necessary, the required stroke and any special environmental concerns. A broad range of air springs is available to Australian industry. Airstroke actuators from Air Springs Supply, for example, give 40-40,000kg of pushing or lifting power. Offering power strokes of up to 350mm, Airstroke actuators are powered by simple, basic compressor equipment found in nearly every factory.

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