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Air springs in the palm of the hand

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article image Small enough to fit into the hands of an infant.

AIR Springs Supply has announced faster-acting versions of some of its smallest pneumatic actuators and isolators, including the palm-sized 1M1A-0 and the compact but longer-stroke 1M1A-1 and 2M1A Airstrokes and Airmounts.

The new actuators and isolators feature robust threaded brass air intakes with air passages increased from 3.25mm to 8.61mm to allow air to move more quickly in and out of the bellows-type air springs.

In addition to allowing the actuators to react even more quickly the new larger air passage allows them to function even better as isolators when used in conjunction with a reservoir. They can achieve isolation efficiencies exceeding 97.8 per cent.

Air Springs Supply managing director Andrew Cameron says the change expands the actuators and isolators' range of applications while retaining extremely compact minimum (collapsed) heights of between 38-63mm and strokes of between 38-89mm.

The compact dimensions, coupled with the fabric-reinforced rubber construction, makes them suitable for a range of applications where space and reliability are at a premium.

Mr Cameron says the new air springs contain no internal moving parts to wear or break, making them suitable for use in heavily soiled areas, where the brass tip is additional protection against aggressive environments.

As an actuator, the air springs have a force capability of up to 200kg at 5.5 bar. This low air pressure requirement means they can be powered by the typical 7 bar compressed air supplies commonly found in factories and workshops.

Like all Airstroke actuator and Airmount isolator designs, the new air springs have no internal rods, pistons, sliding seals, or other components that require lubrication or protection from dirt and grit.

The latest air springs are part of Air Spring Supply's broad Airstroke and Airmount actuator and isolator range, which extends in size from Microactuators with a collapsed height of 31mm, up to triple convoluted Airstrokes and Airmount models of more than a metre in diameter and capable of each supporting up to 40,000kg.

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