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Air Springs Supply launch Pronal Packer-Can system for oil and gas marine platforms

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Air Springs Supply  have commenced the launch of Pronal’s Packer Can system. The Packer Can system is a jacket equipment system designed to facilitate launching and positioning of oil and gas marine platforms.

Pronal Packer-Can system used for the installation of platform legs includes the steel pipe Packer Can, grouting packer, grout seal, mud wiper, sacrificial inflatable diaphragm and other products required to complete the operation.

The system, installed into the pipes through which rig legs are guided to the ocean floor, is included in new ranges of offshore and underwater construction, engineering and maintenance equipment from Pronal. Pronal have made the deep sea flotation tanks, which are used to raise wreckage from the ocean liner Titanic 4000 metres beneath the icy North Atlantic.

The Packer Can’s steel pipe structure contains inflatable diaphragms, inflatable grouting packer and non-inflatable grouting seal and mud wiper, all constructed from high-strength fabrics and synthetic rubber.

The inflatable diaphragms seal the platform legs for buoyancy until piles are introduced while platforms are being positioned after launch, at which stage water is introduced into the leg to set it up correctly. The pile is then introduced into the leg to perforate the diaphragm and anchor the pile into the ground.

The system’s inflatable grouting packer ensures tightness of the annulus pile/leg before and during column grouting and to avoid mud rising after piling. The inflatable packer is fixed inside the leg with two series of welded flanges. It is inflated through an NPT connection.

The non-inflatable grout seal ensures tightness of the annulus pile/leg. It is manufactured with a static O-ring so it is not necessary to install any inflation line to it. Grouting packers and seals are available separately from the Packer Can system.

The mud wiper’s function is to prevent ingress of mud that might obstruct the inflation of the grouting packer when the pile punches through the diaphragm.

The system is available in different dimensions to suit platform legs of different sizes. The thickness of the system’s diaphragms (or number of layers of reinforcing used in their construction) is determined by the depth at which they are used. The diaphragms and other components are tested by Pronal to 1.5 times user specifications.

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