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Air Springs Supply introduces storage tanks

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article image PVC coated fabric Liquitanks

Flexible storage tanks that can each hold up to 500,000 litres or more of stormwater, industrial water or drinking water are being introduced by Air Springs Supply.

The PVC coated fabric Liquitanks are part of the internationally proven range of elastomer specialist Pronal, an experienced and respected producer of flexible products used to lift, push, separate, seal and store.

Pronal’s tanks, cushions, stoppers, grippers and lifting bags are employed in tasks extending from manufacturing and onshore mining and quarrying, to water resources protection, offshore petroleum exploration and sub-sea operations (including hoisting artifacts from the ocean liner Titanic 4km below the surface).

“Pronal flexible tanks provide a perfect answer to liquid storage challenges ranging from reservoirs for grey water through to storage of compatible industrial and mining liquids, fire protection, public works and agriculture,” said Simon Agar, National Sales Manager for Air Springs Supply, which is national distributor for the Pronal range.

“Flexible tanks are easy and economical to establish. Their main requirement is flat, cleared ground, ideally with a sand bed to rest upon, which is not hard to find in Australia.”

Available as either stock types up to 500,000 litres or custom-engineered for particular applications, the Pronal flexible tanks are mobile and compact, simple to deploy and use, and cost-efficient as an alternative means of liquid storage.

“The tanks are designed so stored liquids are never in contact with air so that, in addition to water, different versions can be used for the safe storage of products such as liquid manufactures, paint, latex, fruit juice, demineralised water and emulsions.

All compatabilities to the various products contained are checked and certified by Pronal’s specialised laboratories,” said Agar. Different materials can be employed for specialist products or fuels.

The composition of the standard coated fabric (polyester textile supported coated with PVC) permits storage of drinking water and non-fatty and non-acid food products even with low alcohol contents.

Weights of Liquitanks range from 20 kg for a 1000-litre type (one cubic metre) through to 655kg for the 350,000 litre (350 cubic metre) types. Their volumes when folded range from 0.09 to 3.00 cubic metres respectively.

Options include Gullemin coupling, Kamlock coupling, Storz coupling, alimentary PPG coupling, automatic vent, taps, pumps, refuelling hose, reductors and adaptors and flex9ible hose equipped with a valve.

Pronal tanks are proven worldwide in military and industrial applications, including helitransportable and vehicle transportable smaller types with larger models being used for storage of drinking or industrial water at public works support bases and sites, water treatment works, villages and isolated sites.

Liquitanks are part of an extensive Pronal range of inflatable emergency, rescue and maintenance equipment used by industrial, military and civil defence organisations worldwide (including transportable water and fuel tanks and lifting cushions used to raise equipment ranging from crashed aircraft to mining plant and pipelines needing installation or maintenance).

One of the major advantages of Pronal technology in addition to its proven performance globally is that its inflatable elastomer products can also be custom-fabricated to suit particular applications, said Agar.

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