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Air Springs Supply introduces ranges of flat and three-dimensional seals

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One of Europe’s comprehensive ranges of flat and three-dimensional seals is being introduced to Australasia by pneumatic actuation, isolation and suspension specialist Air Springs Supply.

The Pronal range of stock and customised, application-specific flat and 3D seals is used in many industrial applications as OEM and replacement parts for applications including sealing, pressing, gripping, handling and isolating.

The tough and durable seals include types suitable for equipment used throughout Australasia, including crushers, conveyors, hoppers, presses, vibrating equipment, silos and materials handling equipment in applications extending from powder handling, primary product and process engineering to minerals processing, power generation and pipelines and tanks.

They complement Air Springs Supply’s broader ranges of pipe stoppers and lifting bags from elastomer specialist Pronal, the organisation that developed the tough lifting tanks used to pluck artifacts from the ocean liner Titanic four kilometres down on the ocean floor.

According to Air Springs Supply, the strength of Pronal is not only the incredible reputation it has for quality, but also its depth of engineering expertise to custom-fabricate products for specialist applications. This capability extends from delicate and food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications right through powder handling and primary processing to heavy industries such as mining, power, quarries and resources.

By drawing on the military, civil and industrial experience of Pronal’s research department and their flexible production formats Air Springs Supply can work with clients to develop good responses to particular needs.

Pronal doughnut seals technologies include:

  • Weldable polyeurethane materials, with or without textile fabric reinforcing, for operating pressures up to .5 bar depending on application. Available in different shapes, including round, square, rectangular, hoop, gripping and fixing skirt, gripping bars and single and multi-stage actuators and isolators.
  • Vulcanised elastomer made from textile fabric coating with synthetic rubber and assembled using the vulcanisation hot curing process. Operating pressure up to 7 bar depending on application.

According to Air Springs Supply, Pronal doughnut seals and lifting bags combine the advantages of high durability and power with gentle, precisely controlled force and expansion that can spread over broader surfaces of the object being actuated, isolated or sealed.

Information about Pronal products can be obtained through the website of Air Springs Supply, which is one of Australia’s comprehensive guides to pneumatic actuation, isolation and suspension.

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