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Dust and Ventilation Equipment available from Air Powered Services

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Dust and Ventilation Equipment are available at Air Powered Services .

Dust Devils

  • This high volume dust extractor is a mobile unit built for larger jobs, incorporating the latest in dust extraction technology. 3 bag houses, automatic shaker, 24” ridged and flexible ducting make this unit a suitable solution for larger site applications where dust control is critical

Dust Extractor Fans & Filter Sets

  • Portable sets for onsite use which enable far easier access to smaller areas to ensure a cleaner and safer working environment. Suitable for smaller jobs such as demolition, onsite blasting, sanding, etc

Filter Boxes for Odour Removal

  • Incorporating carbon filters for ventilation and removal of odours from contaminated air. Suitable for paint fumes, glues and foul odours

Air Fans

  • Air Powered Services stock a large selection of air fans, varying from large 600mm to smaller 300mm air fans

Venturi Blowers

  • Air Powered Services have an assortment of air ventilation equipment to ensure a safe working environment. All equipment includes intrinsically safe air blowers and Venturi air pumps

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