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Diesel compressors available from Air Powered Services

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Air Powered Services  offer a wide range of diesel compressors, which includes the following:

Petrol Compressors 17-40CFM
Air Powered Services offer small and compact petrol compressors from 17CFM to 40CFM. These petrol compressors are suitable for single tool application in hard to access areas or where towable diesel units are not practical.

Small portable diesel compressors
The Small portable diesel compressors, available from Air Powered Services, can be used for general construction, small industrial applications and civil construction. These compressors are easy to tow and fully silenced.

Medium portable 250, 375, 400 and 600CFM diesel compressors
These units can be used for general and civil construction, medium industrial applications through to sandblasting.

Large portable diesel 700-900-1100-1300-1400-1600CFM compressors
Air Powered Services provide large portable diesel compressors for hire. These are used in larger industrial, civil and water authority applications. These compressors are capable of working 24 hours a day and can be ordered to the quality of air you require.

These compressors are ideal for large factory applications when breakdown or maintenance occurs. These machines are economical silenced and reliable.

100% Oil free portable compressors
Air Powered Services also offer 100% Oil free portable compressors. These compressors are suitable for use in large industrial, petrochemical and food industry applications. They can provide food and instrument grade air and can also dry the air down to -70 degrees dew point.

High pressure up to 350 PSI diesel compressors
These compressors are suitable for use in drilling, civil and industrial applications. The compressors are used when large volume of high pressure air is required. Skid mounted and towable compressors are available for drilling, pigging, pipe drying, etc.

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