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Air treatment systems available for hire at Air Powered Services

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Air Powered Services  offer air treatment systems such as refrigerated compressed air dryers, filter packs, after coolers and receiver tanks for hire.

The refrigerated compressed air dryers protect the plant and equipment from corrosion, by creating dry air that is safe for the industry. The compressed air dryers are suited to fit 240V or 3 phase units to achieve low dew points.

Filter packs remove unwanted contaminants such as dirt, oil and water from compressed air. Filter packs can be used in construction, food production, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

After coolers remove 60% of water carryover to cool the compressed air to 10 degrees above ambient temperature. These coolers are used with diesel compressors on site to aid water removal. The after coolers are suited to attach to filters and dryers.

Receiver tanks store the air ready for use and lengthen the duty cycle of the compressor. The receiver tanks are available in all sizes and pressure capacities.

Desiccant air dryer packages are high flow low dew point desiccant air dryers. The desiccant air dryer packages come in electrical packages or fully air operated ‘skid rigs’ consisting of filter packs, twin tower desiccant dryers and an after cooler.

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