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Air safety equipment available from Air Powered Services

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Air Powered Services  provide sales and distribution services for a range of air safety equipment, tripods, harnesses, safety lights, gas detectors, coolvests and industrial vacuums.

The tripods and harnesses are suitable for installation in confined spaces. Air Powered Services manufactures its air safety equipment and accessories in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety standards. Air Powered Services also stock a wide range of gas detectors and escape sets.

The intrinsically safe lights are suitable for use in highly dangerous environments. These safety lights require no electricity to run and are safe to use in Zone 1 and Class 1 certified underwater environments. The range of safety lights available from Air Powered Services, include spot, flood, torches, clothing and free standing lights.

The gas detectors can be used for alerting workers of any hazardous situations arising in work environment.

Air Powered Services’ coolvests are suitable for cooling applications in extreme temperature areas. Air circulates throughout the vest to keep the trunk of the body cool and prevent heat exhaustion and dehydration.

The wet and dry vacuums are available in air and 240 volt operated models. With holding volumes of 20 to 150 litres, these vacuum cleaners are ideal for easy clean up of spillage and leakage in industrial and hazardous environments.

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