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The new RadMan RF personal monitor by Air-Met Scientific

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New RadMan RF personal monitor has been unveiled by Air-Met Scientific . The RadMan RF personal monitor is a warning device, measurement instrument and monitor in one.

Designed for daily use, the monitor provides warnings wherever people may be in danger from strong electromagnetic fields, for example in the areas of telecommunications, broadcasting, industry, military and air traffic control.

Visual and acoustic warning signals alert the user when threshold values are exceeded, for example during service work on transmitting equipment for radio relay, satellite and broadcast communications as well as radar and telecommunication facilities.

RadMan can also be transformed from a personal monitor into a handy pre-tester and leak detector. Simply by moving the yellow absorber cap to a different socket RadMan becomes an excellent hand-held tool for finding leaks in cables and power supplies for antenna connections. This application can be improved by using RadMan with an optional extension rod.

The sensors measure electrical and magnetic fields separately and independently of direction. This makes it simple and quick to test the EMF situation in the workplace at any time.

Monitors in the RadMan range are available as an "XT" version with a long-term data memory for monitoring and recording the minimum, maximum and average radiation levels. With the help of analysis software it is also possible to evaluate the results as easy-to-read graphics or tables.

There are three series of RadMan monitors:

RadManXT is the full featured RadMan monitor. It operates over the maximum frequency range and contains both E and H field sensors. The data-logger can log more than 1600 sets of data that can by used to analyse personnel exposures in order to improve operations. The logged data can be reviewed whenever there is a need to determine what levels an individual has been exposed to.

RadManXT ELF Immune monitors are designed for use in strong ELF fields such as where wireless antennas are mounted on towers that carry high voltage 50/60 Hz utility power. The RadManXT ELF Immune monitors are similar to the XT series except that the inside of the housing has a special conductive coating to block the ELF signals. The frequency range of these monitors is reduced at the low end due to the coating.

RadMan monitors are identical to RadManXT except that these monitors do not include the data-logging capability.

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